What You Need to Know About Your Boat
Last updated 03/27/17
    I see a lot of posts and get many e-mails about boats and setup. Even if you are "satisfied" with your rig the way it is, you should still be knowledgeable on most, if not all of the points listed in the table below. The technical "static" items are available from your dealer or the manufacturer (Have you read your manuals?).
    Whether taking a damaged or poorly performing prop in for repair or rework or asking for help in optimizing setup, this information is important. I've listed my specs as examples and you may note that I don't have ALL the info on my rig.
Static  1) Engine: Mfg, Model, Horsepower (Yamaha 3.1L, VMAX, 225 EFI)
   2) RPM operating range, peak HP point and rev limiter point (4500-5500, n/a, 6100)
   3) Lower unit gear ratio (29:16 or 1.81:1)
   4) Prop model, pitch, any rework (Yamaha Pro, 27, stock)
   5) Water pressure gauge (Y)
   6) Minimum allowable WOT water pressure (10)
   7) Jackplate, setback (Y, 11", stacked 5.5" manual + 5.5" hydraulic)
   8) Skeg mounted torque tab (Y)
   9) Nose cone/low water pickup (Y)
  10) Hydrofoil (N)
  11) Steering (Hydraulic)
  12) Hull: Mfg, Model, Length, Weight, Type (Blazer, 210 EXT, 21'2", 1465, HiP Fiberglass)
  . .
Dynamic  1) WOT RPM (6000)
   2) WOT Speed: GPS, radar, timed over course (80, n/a, n/a)
   3) Engine height: hooks to pad, relative to standard template or propshaft to pad (preferred) (variable, hydraulic: nominal 27", 5", +/- n/a")
   4) Holeshot: Subjective, Time to plane, 0-30 mph (Good, n/a sec, n/a sec)
   5) Noted problems, as required (n/a)

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