Last updated: 0327/17
    TechLinks is a listing of other sites/pages relating useful information on setup, care and feeding and many other boating topics as well as fishing related items. Several have solid basics for beginners as well as advice for the more advanced.


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"All About GPS": Garmin's info and additional links
"Prop Calculator": Change any variable and see the results. Unlike other "calculators", this one does NOT automatically add 1" for "cup".
"Sonar Tutorial": All about sonar from Lowrance
"Prop Workshop": This is a DOWNLOADABLE speed calc program I picked up a bit over two years ago as share/freeware. It tracks with running the numbers on a calculator and allows a lot of "what if". Note, it automatically adds 1" to pitch!


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"How to deflate a bass air bladder": If you're catching your fish deep, you need to know this!
How to tie virtually any knot you may need
"Wrapping the Rod": I'm still searching for a complete site, but this one will help you replace that "missing guide"

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