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Last updated 03/27/17

     As an avid bass fisherman for over 50 years, I have fished competitively at all levels for 25, participated in seminars, written a few articles, and produced outdoor shows for television. I spent twelve years in engineering in the semi-conductor industry and five in television production. Presently retired, but occasionally doing a bit of consultanting, I can manipulate my schedule to maximize my time on the water.
       My engineering background makes me more of a "technical and analytical" fisherman. Whether itís setting up a new boat, getting the most out of the electronics, or testing a new product, I have to know how it works, how to make it work better or what shortcomings it has.
      "If you donít know all your hardware and what its capabilities are, you might as well be fishing out of a rowboat with a cane pole." Yes, I said that and it sounds a little harsh, but the intent is to make a point. Many of us spend a lot of money and time on "technology" and "speed" as well as the basics. We must learn to use and maintain our toys and know when to take them to the repair shop.
      The technology can be frustrating if we don't take the time to learn how it works or why it doesn't at times. Sonar ("Is that hook a fish?") and GPS ("I thought it was over there") take time to understand and utilize fully. Troll motors, aerators and bilge pumps require a good basic understanding of batteries and DC circuits and motors. The higher speed capability of today's boats requires that we take the time to establish our limits as drivers and understand what our boats will do under a wide range of conditions if we are going to come back safely every time.
       I intend to address these and other issues in future articles. I will add new items as time permits. I'm always open for suggestions on new articles too. Keep checking back for updates.
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